Sunday, September 04, 2005
nearly a week after I left new orleans, I'm realizing very quickly that although I knew this was going to be a cat. 4 storm, I didn't pack for it. I guess I -like everyone else- didn't realize what exactly that meant. That being said, I'm certainly not in need of anything - but I find myself with an interesting assortment of material posessions which at least until I can go back and do some salvage qualify as all I've got.

here's what I brought:

gadgets: T-mobile Sidekick w/charger; 40gb Ipod (8300 songs) w/charger, headphones and portable speaker; Panasonic DV camera in case/w accessories
clothes: 12 t-shirts; 1 guayabera (lt. blue); 2 polo shirts; 1 oxford (yellow); 1 rainjacket; 1 windbreaker; 2 pair of jeans; 2 khakis; 1 pair of black pants; 2 pair of hiking shorts, 2 pair of running shorts; tevas; tennis shoes; sketchers; small laundry bag of assorted socks and underwear (I had just done laundry on saturday, threw the whole bag in the car.)

books: Getting Things Done; How to Talk to Anyone; The Collected Ghormenghast Novels; The Deep Blue Goodbye; Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass; Archy and Mehitabel: the poems of Don Marquis; Cursiv, the drawings of David Choe; the Zen of CSS Design; Flash to the Core; Logo:lab; Pen &Mouse, the art of Digital Illustration.

magazines: Wired 13.09 (jon stewart cover); issues 331,332,333,337 of Communication Arts; Current issue of How; current issue of The Believer (in which I'm mentioned by name on the inner front cover, in a slightly embarassing context.)

dvds: pulp fiction; snatch; trainspotting; fear and loathing in las vegas; the last days of disco; amelie; kagemusha; ran; the hidden fortress; the seven samurai; yojimbo; sanjuro; the seven samurai; the wonderfalls season 1 collection.

that may seem like a lot, but as far as the books and magazines, that's just what I happened to have in my car/courier bag at the time, with intent to read. the clothes were the nearest at hand that I could throw into my backpack. the dvds, oddly enough, are the only sign I had any real sense of the catastrophe to come: only my very favorites... and my kurosawa collection? what a freak. how many people left new orleans with absolutely nothing - how many didn't even get out - and i here i escaped with my japanese art films. *sigh*